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Miss Amy

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and the journey of how Starstruck School of Theatre Dance came to life.

Since I started dancing at the very young age of 2 years old, I was fascinated with dance and in fact did my first ever competition at just age 2 on stage by myself. I started my training at the Lisa Thornley School of Theatre Dance where my older sisters Miss Mel and Miss Gemma also attended and then taught me and helped with my training as they got older.

In my younger years I competed in lots of local festivals and won many sections for my age group but what I remember most, other than the hard work is the fun it came with and the many new friends I met along the way, some of whom I keep in touch with, a saying well known, “friends that dance together stay together”. 

As I got older I took part in lots of different pantomimes which I had to audition for and did some modelling for various companies. At the age of 16 I attended the Phil Winston’s Theatre Works Collage in Blackpool for 3 years and following my training there I went onto to work as a dancer at Alton Towers and then in Ibiza. On return to the UK I went to auditions in London and got offered a job on the Costa Cruise Liner, after lots of thinking and support from my family I turned this offer down and decided to open up my very own dance school in 2010. 

To make the school successful I worked hard to further my qualifications for teaching and gained many IDTA associates in a number of different genres. I am also a qualified Zumba, Boxercise and Cheerleading Instructor. My passion for dance is so strong that I will do my absolute best for all the children that attend my school to ensure they are the best dancer they can be whilst having some fun along the way. The school and I is also part of the IDTA (International Dance Teaching Association) so we also encourage students to take part in the IDTA exams and I am very proud to say we have a 100% pass rate since these started and school is going from strength to strength each year with fantastic marks. A majority of my students take part in festival competitions and I also have handful of my students that take part in championships, with some success. 



Miss Amy xx

Miss Gemma

Teaches weekly at the Starstruck School of Theatre and Dance as well as doing her own job as a nurse and having a family.

She is my right-hand woman, she takes all the higher tap grades, along with some technique classes and Private lessons. Miss Gemma is the peacemaker between adults and children, the one that can reassure everyone that they are doing a great job.


Not only does she fully support and help me with the dance school but also personally as well, something I will always be eternally grateful for.

Miss Chloe

For those that don’t know Miss Chloe she also attends The Lisa Thornley Dance School of Dance where she has recently been preparing for The Miss Dance of Great Britain in Blackpool, her A levels and also her own dance schools show. Miss Chloe has been a great help to me, not just for the show preparations but also during normal class hours, helping with private lessons and technique lessons for the students.


Miss Chloe is a great role model and offers plenty of inspiration to many children at Starstruck. The next chapter in her life is to become a student at either Laine Theatre Arts or the performers college in London and we wish her all the best in her chapter.

Ashleigh’s huge love of dance, singing and acting began at the age of the 3. Since then she completed her advanced level exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz (IDTA), graduated from CAPA College in 2010 and Blackpool School of Creative Arts attaining a BA Hons degree in Musical Theatre July 2013.


On completion of her degree she moved to Singapore to pursue her Dance and Musical Theatre teaching career in private education. With a heavy dance background, Ashleigh has since worked on full scale productions in Singapore, Australia and the UK as well as choreographing and directing many different musical and theatrical works for international students of all ages.


Ashleigh moved back to the UK in 2019 to pursue a freelance career teaching dance, fitness and personal training. She is delighted to be home after 6 years abroad and is very excited to share her passion with children and adults. We are so happy to welcome ashleigh to our teaching faculty and we are very excited for her to teach her knowledge to our students .

Miss Ashleigh
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