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Mon: 3 - 7pm

Tues: 3 - 9pm

Wed - Fri: 3 - 8pm

Sat: 8:30am - 2:30pm

Sun: Closed


Baby Ballet

This has fundamental steps needed for the basis of Dance and Theatre, such as skips, gallops, first position and knee bends. It''s a fun and caring class that builds young children''s confidence and social skills.


Tricks and Tumbles

This is a fun class for the tiny tots who want to learn the basics of gymnastics, for example forward rolls and splits. The class also incorporates some modern dance allowing the young ones to move to up to date chart music.



This is a beautiful core subject that has an important impact on all dance disciplines. It provides correct posture, strength, balance and sensitivity which highlight the dynamics of all aspects of dance. In addition, ballet requires strong technique, and enormous amount of control and turnout, thus building muscle strength and helping to prevent against injury.


Tap dancing requires you to wear special shoes with metal taps. Tap dancing teaches you to use your feet to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.


This is the foundation of Jazz technique that encourages co-ordination, stamina and strength. Additionally, it''s fun, contemporary and develops creativity, capturing children’s imaginations, allowing them to express their unique individualities through movement.


Street Dance

Takes any form of popular music from pop to hip hop and choreographs routines to the beats. We have seen that, only too often, the most successful pop acts have made it big by combining street dance routines with their tunes and lyrics.



Classes are taught to increase the flexibility of the dancer, pupils are taught exercises to help increase their flexibility in a safe environment. Some of the elements taught are splits, bridges, kicks, leaps and jumps. Gymnastic classes use mats but do not use beams.

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